Creativity in Psychotherapy

Prof. Todd Lubart  - Laboratoire Adaptation Travail Individu - Université Paris Descartes

This project on creativity in psychotherapeutic practice is an extremely important and new development that can help therapists boost creative thinking and feeling between them and their clients. It is meant to fill a surprising gap in psychotherapy research and practice.

By ‘surprising gap’, I mean that a full-blooded marriage between general creativity and psychotherapeutic creativity has yet to see the light of day, and it is high time that it did!

Through the Creative Profiler tool, the cognitive and personality-affective variables that are crucial for a creative mindset and creative interventions will be evaluated in the context of psychotherapeutic situations, both hypothetical and simulated from practice.  In this way, each person’s profile can serve to orient creativity-enhancement activities on the basis of individual strengths and weaknesses.  Practitioners of solution-focused brief therapy, as care providers who help individuals to build solutions creatively in their daily lives and, when appropriate, to self-actualize, have a vital stake in developing their creative thinking and affect and that of their clients.

This landmark project was designed jointly by Korzybski graduate Jeffrey Lubin, Dr. Luc Isebaert, Jeffrey’s PhD supervisor Stéphan Hendrick, professor of integral systemic solution-focused brief psychotherapy at the University of Mons, and me, as a creativity specialist. It involves a hand-in-glove research collaboration between the Korzybski Institute, the University of Mons and the Psychology Department of Paris Descartes University. Hopefully, the fruits of this project will lead to the elaboration of customized creativity-enhancement programs based, in addition to your individual profiler results, on detailed observations of your interactions with selected clients.