Wetenschappelijke Onderbouw

Wetenschappelijke publicaties over Solution Focused Therapy worden elk jaar talrijker en moeilijker bij te houden.

Enkel al de vele verschillende talen waarin de publicaties uitkomen vormen een ongelooflijke variatie.

Voor de meest actuele lijst verwijzen wij graag naar het titanenwerk dat onze collega Dr. Alasdair MacDonald(UK) reeds vele jaren bijhoudt en opvolgt. 

U kunt deze lijst ook hier downloaden .

"More than 2400 publications annually.  Currently 8 meta-analyses; 7 systematic reviews; 282 relevant outcome studies including 118 randomised controlled trials showing benefit from solution-focused approaches with 86 showing benefit over existing treatments.  Of 85 comparison studies, 66 favour sft.  Effectiveness data are also available from over 8000 cases with a success rate exceeding 60%; requiring an average of 3 – 6.5 sessions of therapy time.

Approved by US Federal Government: www.samhsa.gov; SAMHSA - The National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP). State of Washington; State of Oregon www.oregon.gov/DHS; State of Texas is examining evidence.  Minnesota, Michigan and California have organisations using SF.  Finland has a Master’s degree in SFT and Singapore has an approved accreditation programme.  Canada has a registration body for practitioners and therapists.  Sweden, Poland, Germany and Austria recognise it within their systemic practice qualification.  Wales (UK) includes it in their primary mental health programme.

Many recent publications were in Persian, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Korean, Thai and Turkish.  By 2014 there were 180 publications in Mandarin ((including 60 from Taiwan) as against 45 in 2009.  So this evaluation list confirms the value of the model but is no longer sufficient in itself."


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