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EBTA Summer Camp 2023

EBTA Summer Camp 2023 

What    EBTA International Task-group (ICT) organizes a Summer Camp,
            where some senior practitioners share their professional know-how with
            younger practitioners, who want to promote solution-focused thinking
            and practices in their work and life surrounding. 
Topic    How do we incorporate our (EBTA) values in our solution-focused
             practice and approach?" 
Why     EBTA would like to promote ways for the older SF generation EBTA to
             be mentors for younger practitioners. A Summer Camp offers a good 
             way to do this in a relaxed atmosphere and place with enough time to
             reflect and share. 
When   July 6th- 9th 2023 (start on Thursday 6th July at 2pm
             and end on Sunday 9th July at noon. 
Where  Marlenheim is an Alsatian village 25 km away from Strasbourg in
             France in the middle of the grape vines. The Institute IICoS is situated
             in an old mill, in the yard of an independent vineyard. Many nice walks
             are possible, as well as opportunities to sit in the garden, or enjoy
             a nice barbecue. 
Who     The mentors are Matthias Schwab and Anne-Marie Wulf.
             Barbara Pelkmann and Nadine Lyamouri-Bajja are the hostesses. 
For       Up to 10 SF practitioners who promote solution-focused thinking and
             practices in their area, and want to learn more from the mentors and
             are willing to contribute something to EBTA in the future. 
Doing   Informal discussions on topics of interest, sharing SF know-how,
            working materials, imagining the future in between cooking, walking,
            winetasting, eating and playing. 
Costs    Personal travel costs to and from Marlenheim, accommodation costs
             and a share of the food and drinks. 
            There is a daily public bus transport to and from Strasbourg. 
             A list of AirBnB, B&B or hotels can be provided. There is a possibility
             for vans to remain at the mill, as well as for tents to be planted for
             those who’d like to camp. 
More    Send your application to info@iicos.org or via google docs ….
            before March 31st …  


             Please note that no certificate is provided for the Summer Camp.
             Information is also provided by Nadine and Barbara
             nlyamouri@iicos.org and bpelkmann@iicos.org 
             We look forward to meeting you!

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